What are the precautions after receiving our products?

1Please read the product manual carefully after receiving our products. The built-in documentation includes operating manuals, installation manuals, maintenance manuals, and more.

Warranty Policy

2One year or 1000 hours, whichever comes first.

Indirect liability disclaimer

3Our company does not undertake any indirect responsibility which has nothing to do with our products, such as loss of time, business loss, etc.

Warranty Disclaimer

4The following is not within the scope of our after-sales service:
1. A variety of natural disasters can not lead to the use of the product
2. The product can not be used due to violent collision
3. Corrosion or into the gray
4. Normal range of wear and tear
5. The use of substandard or with the company's products required different labels fuel,
lubricants, coolant-induced failure
6. Improper operation may cause product damage
7. unauthorized demolition
8. Other human factors that cause product failure
9. Wear parts are not covered under warranty, wearing parts include: air filter, oil filter, diesel filter; a variety of manifolds, washers; AVR, such as batteries. Damaged parts, the company can provide the cost price of accessories, but the user need to pay the price of accessories and transportation and other related costs